From left to right: Scott Harris, the first customer of the new ARGO LX and Ontario Manitoba District Sales Manager Frederick Hillier

“It’s not every day that a customer gets to drive a new machine before most dealers”

Scott Harris, may lay claim to having one of Canada’s most generous wives. After turning out the lights and laying down to bed one cold November night, Scott was awoken at the ungodly hour of 2:00am to his wife barging into the room announcing that she had just bought him a brand new luxury XTV.

After the initial shock and confusion and repeated accusations that this was some kind of cruel joke, Scott’s wife passed him a catalogue from the charity auction event she had attended that night and opened it to the page featuring the new ARGO LX.

“Remember a month or so ago when I told you to look through this and let me know if there was anything you liked and you pointed to the ARGO? Well I just bought it. You’re welcome!”

As a lifelong fan of the traditional quad, Scott notes that he had heard of the ARGO before but had never looked into getting one himself. Now he says he can’t imagine driving anything else.

“Driving or riding an ARGO is the experience of a lifetime. I’ve been into quads my entire life but getting into this machine for the first time – wow – what a difference. It drives like a tank and can go almost anywhere. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to get it stuck yet and that’s no small feat considering the amount of bush I’ve taken it through.”

The new ARGO LX

Luxuriously designed for long rides with ultimate comfort, the new ARGO LX includes a host of hot new features geared towards the most discerning of XTV enthusiasts.

With a selection of bold, never before seen colour options and its sleek ergonomic design providing maximum comfort and support for both driver and passengers, the amphibious, extreme terrain LX delivers smooth riding in just about any environment you can throw at it.

Aside from the look of the new ARGO LX which he likens to having ‘fun written all over it’ Scott’s favourite part of his new machine are the beadlock rims which give riders increased suspension that results in a smoother, more comfortable ride over rough terrain. Scott calls it ‘a super smooth ride that truly helps it to perform, no matter the conditions’.

The first customer

Scott smiles when asked how it feels to be the first customer to own the new LX.

“It’s been great fun trying it out and putting it through its paces. It’s a bit of a strange feeling knowing that I’m the only one who has this machine at the moment. I’ve even visited a few dealers and when I tell them I’m driving an LX they don’t believe it as they say that even they haven’t been able to trial it out yet!”

After a couple spins around his friend’s seven acre property amidst thick bush and snowmobile trails, Scott pulls his new LX into his man cave-like garage where he has given it pride of place beside his 2003 Jeep Rubicon.

“As you can see I’m big into the offroading world and am just itching to see how this machine performs in the rocks and boulders.”

That will have to wait until the Spring though as Scott is furiously looking for a way to return the favour to his extremely generous wife. “Perhaps a trip to someplace exotic is in the cards”, he muses. How is he planning on breaking the news? In the middle of the night of course. Apparently surprises run in the family.

From left to right: Scott Harris, takes the new ARGO LX for a spin through the trails