More specialized packages and comfort upgrades round out best-in-class features from world’s leading manufacturer of amphibious extreme terrain vehicles

July 18, 2016 – New Hamburg, Ontario – ARGO today unveiled its extreme terrain vehicle lineup for the 2017 model year featuring several new vehicle options designed for outdoor enthusiasts and commercial users alike.

Featuring industry leading terrain capabilities, excellent value and enhanced performance, the complete 2017 ARGO lineup is categorized into three distinct series including:

• Frontier Series models: fun and fuel efficient entry level models outfitted for maximum enjoyment
• Avenger Series models: full size leading multi-passenger extreme terrain vehicles with best-in-class features including easier steering and increased strength
• Conquest Series models: the ultimate all-terrain industrial and commercial machines for those who require a durable and dependable job site transporter

“ARGO has been making high performance amphibious XTVs for outdoorsmen, adventure seekers and people who need a vehicle that can get the job done for nearly 50 years,” commented Brad Darling, ARGO Vehicle Division President. “Our new 2017 model line-up builds on this rich history by introducing customized packages complete with countless practical innovations designed to enhance both customer satisfaction and driveability. We’re confident that dealers and customers alike will be blown away with what our new 2017 models have to offer and expect to bolster our position as the leading amphibious XTV manufacturer within the wider powersports industry as a result of this 2017 lineup launch.”

2017 Frontier Series models

With incredible versatility and value, the 6×6 Frontier has been a strong performer since its inception, helping it to become ARGO’s bestselling amphibious six-wheeler in the company’s history. The current version is the best ever, enabling customers to choose between eight different models including the Frontier 6×6/8×8 Scout outfitted with a number of hunting specific accessories or the Frontier 8×8 Responder S designed for reliable offroad fire and rescue. Depending on the model, the new Frontier Series of vehicles come powered by a 19hp – 26 hp electronic fuel-injected air cooled Kohler Command Pro engine coupled with an efficient standard or high torque steering transmission for great performance in challenging terrain.

• Models (Colours):
o Frontier 6×6 (Green)
o Frontier 6×6 S (Green, Camo, Black)
o Frontier 6×6 Scout S (Camo)
o Frontier 6×6 Scout ST (Camo)
o Frontier 6×6 ST (Green, Camo, Black)
o Frontier 8×8 S (Green, Black, Camo)
o Frontier 8×8 Scout S (Camo)
o Frontier 8×8 Responder S (Red)

2017 Avenger Series models

For customers who prefer a larger, more robust XTV, the 2017 Avenger Series vehicles are the most popular models in ARGO’s lineup, with a 30 hp liquid-cooled electronic fuel-injected Kohler LH 775 engine providing plenty of power for getting the job done or making it through challenging terrain. The bulk of the 2017 Avenger Series models also all include the revolutionary new Lite-Steer (LS transmission) which makes steering smoother and easier than ever and upgraded heavy duty axles and sprockets providing the units with increased strength and durability. All Avenger Series models also feature new reversible, offset steel rims which allow the wheels to sit closer or further out from the vehicle, simplifying track installation for dealers and end users alike.

Also under the Avenger Series banner is the top-of-the-line ARGO LX featuring an upgraded triple differential ADMIRAL LS steering transmission capable of reaching a top end speed of 25 mph (39.5 km/hr), 30 per cent faster than any other ARGO on the market. Luxuriously designed for long rides with ultimate comfort, the ARGO LX includes an onboard entertainment system and a set of ultra-low pressure tires on dual beadlock rims for a smoother, more comfortable ride over rough terrain, putting it in a class of its own when it comes to all season, all-terrain amphibious vehicles.

In addition to the Lite-Steer steering feature, all Avenger models also come with a choice of standard, high torque, or high speed transmissions, depending on customer preference.

• Models (Colours):
o Avenger 8×8 S (Green, Black, Camo)
o Avenger 8×8 ST (Green, Black, Camo)
o Avenger 8×8 STX (Green, Black, Camo)
o Avenger 8×8 LX (Black, Cranberry, Orange)
o Avenger 8×8 Hunt Master (Camo)
o Avenger 8×8 Hunt Master Z (Camo)
o Avenger 8×8 Hunt Master X (Camo)
o Avenger 8×8 Hunt Master ZX (Camo)
o Avenger 8×8 Responder (Red)
o Avenger 8×8 Responder X (Red)

2017 Conquest Series models

Tough, affordable and easy to operate, ARGO’s 2017 Conquest Series models are the ultimate all-terrain machines for those who require a durable and dependable job site transporter.

Designed for demanding commercial uses, the Conquest Series models have what people need to get their job done; large payload capacity, tubular steel frame, sealed axles and comfort for staff. With a choice of either a 30 hp liquid-cooled electronic fuel-injected Kohler LH 775 engine or a 24 hp liquid-cooled Kohler/Lombardini KDW1003 Diesel engine, the Conquest Series models will climb, crawl or swim anywhere you have to go, with the equipment and tools you need, at a cost you can afford.

Rounding out ARGO’s full-size XTV category are a number of specialty models including the Conquest 8×8 Explorer for oil & gas workers, the Conquest 8×8 Lineman geared specifically towards utilities workers, and the big game Conquest 8×8 Outfitter, the latter designed by famed hunting expert Jim Shockey.

• Models (Colours):
o Conquest 8×8 XTi (Green, Dark Yellow)
o Conquest 8×8 XTd (Green, Dark Yellow)
o Conquest 8×8 Explorer XTi (Green, Dark Yellow)
o Conquest 8×8 Explorer STd (Green, Dark Yellow)
o Conquest 8×8 Outfitter XTi (Camo)
o Conquest 8×8 Outfitter XTi-Z (Camo)
o Conquest 8×8 Lineman XTi (Green, Dark Yellow)

Assembly line production of the new 2017 models has already begun and vehicles will be available in dealerships across North America and around the world soon.

More information and details about ARGO’s entire line-up of amphibious XTVs can be found online at

About ARGO
ARGO Extreme Terrain Vehicles and custom utility packages are manufactured since 1967. ARGO markets its products to more than 300 distributors and dealers worldwide and continues to grow at a steady pace. ARGO’s unique durability, safety and versatility are driven by the renowned engineering capability of its parent company, Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. (ODG). Since 1962, ODG has manufactured quality precision gears and transmissions.

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