32 New Dealer Locations Added in Canada’s Far North

New Hamburg, ON, August 25, 2017 – ARGO, the world’s leading amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV) manufacturer, today announced it has added Arctic Co-operatives Limited and their 32 locations to its growing North American dealer network.

Arctic Co-operatives Limited is a service federation that is owned and controlled by 32 community-based Co-operative business enterprises that are located in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon. Independently owned and controlled by Indigenous peoples of the Arctic, they operate retail facilities, hotels, cable operations, construction, outfitting, arts and crafts production and property rentals.

All 32 locations have committed to representing the ARGO XTV and ARGO Xplorer lines of off-road vehicles to serve the country’s sparsely populated north.

Kevin Asselin VP Sales & Marketing, ARGO commented: “As a ‘Made in Canada’ brand with a rich 50 year heritage of pushing the boundaries of extreme terrain it’s about time we set up shop in the Canada’s northernmost, rugged provinces and territories and we are thrilled to be working with Arctic Co-operatives to make ARGO the go-to off road vehicle of choice in Canada’s Arctic communities.”

Asselin continued: “Many of the people who live and work in our country’s far north often rely on ATV’s and snowmobiles to get around and given the ARGO’s incredible versatility in both extreme temperatures and terrains, we’re confident that the addition of Arctic Co-operatives is the right strategic partner in our drive to grow retail sales and reach new customers and markets.”

Greg Litke, Merchandizing Co-ordinator, Arctic Co-operatives Ltd. added: “We are delighted to be part of the ARGO XTV dealership family and look forward to getting the first few shipments of vehicles out to our various locations. I’m sure there were will be many fans and adopters both from a recreational and commercial standpoint once people see what these incredible vehicles are capable of.”

For 50 years, ARGO has built the most successful amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles in the world. With a multitude of applications including commercial, public sector, robotics, and personal recreation, ARGO’s will climb, crawl or swim anywhere users need to go.

To learn more about ARGO, or to find your local dealer, visit www.ARGOxtv.com. Join the conversation on Facebook at Facebook.com/ARGOXTV, on Twitter at @ARGO_XTV, and on Instagram at @ARGO_XTV.

About ARGO

ARGO Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTV) have been manufactured since 1967. ARGO markets its recreational and commercial products through a network of independent dealers and distributors located throughout the United States and Canada and through distributors representing dealers in Europe, Russia, South America, the Middle East, Asia and other international markets. ARGO’s unique durability, safety and versatility are driven by the renowned engineering capability of its parent company, Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. (ODG). Since 1962, ODG has manufactured quality precision gears and transmissions.

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