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New Hamburg, ON, May 11, 2018 – ARGO XTV (Xtreme Terrain Vehicles) today announced their partnership with Stéphane Monette from Monette outdoors as the official spoke person for all Argo products for the province of Québec.

Dean Dutcher Director of Marketing, ARGO commented: We are very happy and proud of our partnership with Stéphane Monette. As you know, Stéphane is a well known personality thru out the hunting and fishing industry in Québec but also in Canada and some parts of the USA. Stéphane energy, his knowledge and his love and respect for the outdoors and it’s wild life makes him a perfect ambassador for our amphibious Argo XTV and our new line of ATV’s.

You will have the opportunity to see and hear Stéphane thru out the year on various television shows, radio and thru out the web.

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ARGO Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTV) have been manufactured since 1967. ARGO markets its recreational and commercial products through a network of independent dealers and distributors located throughout the United States and Canada and through distributors representing dealers in Europe, Russia, South America, the Middle East, Asia and other international markets. ARGO’s unique durability, safety and versatility are driven by the renowned engineering capability of its parent company, Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. (ODG). Since 1962, ODG has manufactured quality precision gears and transmissions.

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