Tracks & Ice Cleats


Plastic Tracks

General purpose, 13” (330 mm) wide or medium duty 18” (457 mm) wide, impact resistant, light weight segmented thermoplastic rubber tracks with integrated track guides. Tracks fit over 24” (610 mm) ARGO tires without the need to install wheel spacers. Designed for mud, flooded areas and snow, offering low ground pressure.

Rubber Tracks

Rubber Tracks

Heavy duty 18” (457 mm) wide rubber track provides optimum flotation with minimal ground pressure. Exceptional traction. Lightweight durable construction and low rolling resistance ensures smooth, quiet operation in difficult terrain conditions. Available with or without axle extensions. Designed for ARGO with 24” (610 mm) turf tires.

Rubber Tracks

HD Rubber Tracks

Xtreme duty 18” (457 mm) wide rubber track with UHMW-PE guides, reinforced turf tire and rim provides optimum flotation with minimal ground pressure. Designed for use with Conquest models, this track offers quiet operation, superior wear and durability in difficult terrain. Two track configuration designed for ARGO with 24” (610 mm) turf tires.

Quad Rubber Tracks

HD Quad Rubber Tracks

Xtreme duty 18” (457 mm) wide rubber track with UHMW-PE guides, reinforced turf tire and rim provides optimum flotation with minimal ground pressure. Designed for use with Conquest models, this track offers quiet operation, superior wear and durability in difficult terrain. Four track configuration designed for ARGO with 24” (610 mm) turf tires.

track ice cleats

Track Ice Cleats

Steel cleats increase traction on ice and hard-packed snow. Available for all track configurations.

Windshields & Tops



Scratch-resistant acrylic in an aluminum frame, features fold over hinge for storage and a mounting location for the optional windshield wiper accessory.

Wind shield Wiper accessory

Windshield Wiper

Complete with everything needed to assemble and fit to your ARGO windshield. Wiper motor mounts quickly and easily.

Convertible Top accessory

Convertible Top

Protects all occupants or cargo from outdoor elements. Converts from a full enclosure to bimini top by removing all sides. When not in use, the top is easily removed or folded down and protected with the included boot cover. Requires fold-down windshield.

Half - Top accessory

Convertible Half Top

Protects driver and passenger from outdoor elements. Features removable side and rear doors, allowing easy access to the rear cargo compartment area. Requires fold-down windshield.

hard top accessory

Hard Top Roof 2 or 4 Person

Vacuum formed hard top that provides additional protection to your crew and equipment from sun, rain or snow. Requires ROPS .

Canvas Sides accessory

Canvas Sides 2 or 4 Person

Protects driver, passenger and cargo from outdoor elements. Features removable sides and doors, allowing easy access to the rear cargo compartment area. Requires windshield, ROPS and hard top.

heater accessory

Cab Heater

Driver and passenger cab heater option comes complete with defrost vents and side vents.

Safety & Protection

Brush guard accessory


Stylish and functional; body, lights and winch are protected from brush. Offers a mounting location for extra fog lights. Use part# 642-80 if equipped with ROPS.

Handrail accessory


The handrails securely mount to the upper body used as a hand hold for rear passengers, or a convenient tie down point to secure rear cargo.

LED Fog light

Fog Lights

Mounts directly to the brushguard. Provides added illumination in poor visibility due to rain, fog, dust or snow.

Tail Brake Light

Brake/Tail Lights

Be seen. Brake/tail lights provide an extra level of safety while trail riding at night. Illuminated when the headlights are on and signals drivers behind you when brakes are applied.

Light bar accessory

Roll Bar/Lights

Dual 3 x 5 lights, easily installs to your existing light bar. Lights are weather resistant and rubber mounted to reduce shock and vibration.

Roll Bar

Give your 6x6 an extra bit of style. Adds protection to driver and passenger as well as providing a convenient mounting location for extra lights. Comes complete with seat belts.

Roll Cage

ROPS 4 Person

(Avenger Series Only) Full vehicle roll over protection complete with two seat belts for driver and passenger. Available for all models with options for seat belts and rear bench (8X8 Models only). Cannot be combined with light bar, suspension seats or standard brushguard

Roll Bar - 4 seater

ROPS 2 or 4 Person

(Conquest Series Only) Driver and front passenger Roll Over Protection Structure complete with seat belts, certified to ISO 5700. Also available in an extended vehicle configuration, up to 4 people when rear bench seat is installed.

Comfort & Convenience

dump bucket

Dump Box

For moving bulk loads over broken terrain, this solid steel dump box handles payloads up to 1,000 lb. (450 kg). Offload easily from the driver’s seat using the 14” stroke actuator to top tilt or dump the box (Not for amphibious use). Available for Conquest Series only.

2 man back Seat accessory

Rear Bench Seat

Frame mounted, forward facing rear bench seat provides additional seating for 2 passengers. The bench seat can be removed quickly, without tools, to gain unrestricted access to the rear cargo area.

gun rack accessory

Gun Rack (Sure Grip)

In keeping with ARGO’s reputation for comfort and safety, ARGO now offers a Sure Grip gun rack for all models. Shock absorbing and rubberized grip, the Sure Grip gun rack ensures safe transportation of weapons to the best hunting grounds.

Tote case accessory

Storage Tote

Sits conveniently in the rear cargo area, providing 38 gal. of lockable dry stowage for tools and supplies. The removable box is fitted with wheels and handles for easy portability. Available for Conquest Series only.

front hood rack accessory

Hood Rack

Provides extra stowage for packs and gear for long hunting trips, or it can serve as a convenient space for bringing home smaller game.

Utility Rack holder

Utility Rack

The utility bracket consists of two “rugged gear” utility hooks and a barrel holder. It is an ideal way to safely secure objects such as shovels, fishing rods, paddles, etc. to the outside or inside of your ARGO.

utility pouch accessory

Utility Storage Pouch

Dome snaps attach to seat back rest adding convenient storage space. Ideal for keeping first aid kits, tools, electronics and other items safe, clean and easily accessible.

entry step accessory

Entry Step

Convenient and easy access to the vehicle. Standard on all models except for Frontier 6x6

Additional Upgrades

Gas Can Holder accessory

Gas Can Holder

Adjustable gas can holder mounted at the rear of the vehicle. Designed to accept a wide variety of Jerry cans.

TIre Holder accessory

Tire Holder

Easy to install. Convenient spare tire holder mounts to rear of vehicle. Accepts both 24” (610 mm) and 25” (635 mm) ARGO tires.

Helicopter Lif Parts

Helicopter Kit

Axle mounted D-ring at 4 corners, quick release point for helicopter sling connection.

Mounting System accessory

Universal Mounting System

Quick change universal mount . The sub frame holds up to 750 lb. (340 kg); bolts directly to main chassis offering a secure structure for third party equipment.

Power Winch

Warn ProVantage Winch

For vehicle recovery or to raise and lower snow plow blade. 3,500 lb. (1,588 kg) capacity, reversing with free wheeling feature. Comes with 40’ (12 m) cable with 30’ (9 m) nylon strap. Safety switch disables winch unless ignition is on. A 4,500 lb. (2,041 kg) winch is standard on Conquest models.

Rear WInch accessory

Rear Receiver Winch/Accessory

Mounts directly to the rear receiver hitch, extending the versatility of your winch. Includes front to rear wire harness and quick disconnect cables.

Wireless Winch Remote Control

Wireless and compact, this unit controls remote use of winch from a location of up to 50’ (15.24 m) for added convenience and versatility.

Outdoor Motor Bracket

Outboard Motor Bracket

This one-piece bracket mounts to the bumper and rear receiver hitch bracket. Mounting location is slightly off-center and accepts an outboard motor of up to 9.9 HP for increased propulsion in water.

Snow Plow accessory

Snow Plow

81” (2 m) wide steel blade features multi-angle positions. Attaches to front bearing extension housings. A snowplow will maximize the utilization of your ARGO. Requires the power winch for raise and lower operation.

Trailer in use

8-Wheel Trailer (Amphibious)

Up to 1,300 lb. (590 kg) load capacity. Complete with 25” (635 mm) tires. Lincoln Electric Welder sold separately


4-Wheel Trailer (Amphibious)

Up to 600 lb. (275 kg) load capacity in a black 6-wheel lower body with ARGO axles and wheels. Complete with 24” (610 mm) or 25” (635 mm) tires. Available for all models.

Runner Boards accessory

Catwalk Mudflaps

6.25” (160 mm) steel platform runs the full length of the vehicle. Includes a 10” (255 mm) mud flap. Available for Conquest Series only.

Rear Deck accessory

Flatbed Deck

Bolts directly to the main chassis with secondary supports by the upper frame. Provides a large flat area for cargo and equipment transportation. Includes 4 tie down points and a hatch for easy access to lower body cargo area. Optional hinges or stake sides available. For Conquest Series only.

Bedliner accessory


One-piece polyethylene bed-liner insert protects your cargo storage space from debris. Simple installation. Removable and easy to clean. Fits 8X8 Frontier and Avenger models.

Storage Cover

Storage Cover

Available for Frontier and Avenger models without ROPS. Protects your investment from the elements when not in use. Not intended to be used when towing vehicles on trailers.

Auto Chain Lub System

Auto Chain Lubrication System

Automates chain lubrication requirements. The system automatically delivers chain lube every 15 minutes of vehicle operation for a total spray time of 5 seconds. A one-hour timer is also available for applications that requires less frequent chain lubrication.

First Responder

Pump Accessory

Fire Skid/Foam Unit

Custom designed to fit into the rear compartment of any 8x8 Frontier or Avenger, the 80 gal. (303 L) fire suppression unit holds 75 gal. (284 L) of water plus a 5 gal. (19 L) foam cell. Packaged with a Honda engine, two-stage CET centrifugal pump, 100 ft. (30.5 m) of hose and forestry nozzle.

Emergency Head Lights

Emergency Lighting Package

A multitude of options to light up your Responder vehicle. Choose from red and white perimeter strobe lighting, overhead spot lights, front mounted siren/speaker & strobe. All lighting is LED to reduce electrical load.

Basket Accessory Close up 2

Fold Down Light Bar

Support structure that provides users with option of adding one revolving light (Whelen L31 red beacon - 850-305) and two spotlights (Whelen PAR 23 LED spotlights - 850-307) in order to aid visibility due to rain, fog, dust, or snow. Note Requires mounting bracket 850-306.

Ferno Stretcher

Stretcher Ferno #9

To be used with ARGO Frame Assembly. Cannot be used with Suspension Seats or Handrails.

Basket Accessory Close up

Stretcher Mounting Kit

Designed to accept either Ferno #9 or Ferno RE 1125 (requires additional basket mount adapter). Front bench backrest is folded down when basket or stretcher are deployed.

Basket Accessory

Basket Ferno Traverse

Specifically designed to perform in a technical rescue environment, the Ferno Traverse Basket is made with superior materials that allow it to survive in almost all conditions, while the design itself provides a user friendly platform from which to work.

Diagram of Stretcher mount adapter

ARGO Mount Adapter Solutions

Design to accept either Ferno #9 or Ferno RE 1125 (requires additional basket mount adapter). Fits ARGO 8x8 Avenger Models. Mount adapter can be adjusted for repositioning of front and bench seating. Front bench backrest is folded down when basket or stretcher are deployed. Cannot be used with Suspension Seats or Handrails.

Diagram of Basket Carrier Accessory

Basket Mount Adapter Ferno RE 1125

Brackets for basket mount carrier. To be used with FERNO RE 1125 (Accessory# 850-289). Requires Stretcher Mount Adapter (850-300)* Cannot be used with Suspension Seats or Handrails. Basket required for this carrier is available from FERNO part# RE1125.