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Frontier Series

Our value leader.

Frontier Series Features

VX 650 Engine

These V-Twin Fan Cooled engines are lightweight and compact to handle the most demanding terrain. Available on Frontier Series.

Classic Transmission with APS

The ARGO Classic transmission is our simplest design and operates like a mechanical skid steer, which gives it incredible maneuverability. In order to provide vehicle steering, braking force is applied directly to the output of the appropriate side of the transmission based on operator steering input. In both high and low range, the Classic transmission provides zero-radius turns to get you in and around extreme terrain.

ARGO Progressive Steering (APS) with the Classic transmission achieves a smooth and comfortable drive experience to all XTVs in the Frontier Series.

ARGO Progressive Steering (APS)

APS is an innovation in the area of braking force application to the transmission steering differential. By adding a spring element between the handlebars and the brake system we achieved a progressive, dual-rate steering system. Steering events are now effortless with an increase of 4X wider range of steering motion, offering the smoothest turning available in an ARGO XTV. APS makes it as fun and comfortable to drive as any UTV.

Steel Rims and Tires

Steel offset rims with low-pressure 24” tires are custom engineered with a paddle design for amphibious propulsion through water and optimized traction on the most extreme off-road terrain.

Winch and Brushguard

Pulling power for when you need it most. The winch mounts on the front to assist with high-angle extractions of equipment or debris. The winch and brushguard come standard for the Frontier Scout model with 2,500 lb capacity.

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