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Introducing the all-new ARGO Sasquatch XTX. The latest Xtreme Terrain Vehicle from ARGO to go where others can’t. The amphibious ARGO Sasquatch XTX is built for those who work off the grid — in places far away from urban concrete jungles. The sheer power, amazing comfort and the ability to traverse to rugged destinations many think are impossible to reach makes the ARGO Sasquatch XTX in a class of its own.

The ARGO Sasquatch XTX is the difference between can and can't. There's no room for excuses in the cab; only four people who want to get the job done. Find out more. Explore for yourself below.


The ARGO Sasquatch XTX has perfected what a high-quality interior in an amphibious off-road vehicle should be. This premium, ROPS 3471 Certified, QX4™ Crew Cab delivers an ultra-quiet environment with full panoramic viewing and an ergonomically designed interior.

Front Door

With a fold-out ladder, dual grab handles and a convenient fold-down hatch, getting in and out is a snap. Although we understand if getting in is more fun.

Side Door

There’s enough hard work waiting at the job site. So getting in the back is designed to be easy thanks to side-swinging, lockable doors, and a fold-down ladder. Plus, the front and side doors feature 3-point contact safety certification.


Take the crew along. With two adjustable front high-back seats and two rear fold-down seats, all with 3-point safety belts, you have room for a quartet of can-doers.

Heating & Cooling

Picture this, you get out of your truck on a hot or cold day and jump into your Sasquatch XTX that has the same integrated system. This provides ample number of vents within the cab and a separate heater and AC unit with a blower fan to funnel all that perfect temp air into the cab.


We built this machine to surround you with UV-protective tinted glass. It allows 50% light transmission and is impact resistant. Because it’s always best to see where you’re going from every angle.

Tip-Out Windows

Tip-out windows allow fresh air to pass through the cab and when closed are sealed tight. Like other windows on this machine, they’re impact resistant and offer UV protection with 50% light transmission.

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wiper system pulls washer fluid from a 50 oz. reservoir bottle and operates in standard or intermittent modes, giving you the ability to deal with any level of precipitation.

Roof Hatch

Take a look up, and you’ll find a tinted, lockable, hinged roof hatch. It’s a handy emergency escape hatch that happens to double as a skylight that can be opened for ventilation.


A bluetooth-enabled radio is mounted in the ceiling above the driver’s seat and feeds two speakers to provide full surround listening to make those long days more enjoyable.

Cab Lighting

The cab is illuminated with four (4) bright LED strip lights providing excellent interior lighting. Because there will be days when you rise before the sun and work long after it sets.

Marker Lights

Be seen on the job site with LED marker lights located on the top four corners of the cap. These marker lights can be turned on or off and have seven (7) different flash modes preprogrammed.


The clear LED headlights feature 4 different functions, daytime running lights, parking lights, hazard lights, high and low beams. We’re confident these headlights will assist you with many of your needs, including finding the perfect parking spot in the wilderness.


Traveling through the bowels to earth’s darkest, wettest, and most extreme areas calls for the latest technology to help you reach your destination safely. So, feast your eyes on the new 12” color ARGO Infotainment Touch Display, complete with day or nighttime viewing modes and loaded with integrated features to provide real-time vehicle performance information.

ARGO Terrain Control

The ARGO Terrain Control (ATC) provides one-touch preset buttons that allow you to match tire inflation to any terrain out there and auto inflate tires or deflates for optimal performance. Bring on anywhere!

Vehicle Operation Controls

Enjoy intuitive readouts of speed, RPMs, fuel levels, gear indicator, air inflation controls, and inclinometer to name a few. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the mud, the swamp, or the forest ahead of you.

Vehicle Health Information

Critical information like temperature readings, oil pressure, engine performance, and battery voltage are all at your fingertips. Keep your Sasquatch XTX running smoothly 24/7.

Camera Viewing

Bring what’s behind you, in front of you with the full-color, rear camera, offering 180° range of viewing.


At the heart of the ARGO Sasquatch XTX is the HDT™ Automatic e-Steer™ transmission, designed by parent company, ODG, coupled to the burly HD Hyundai three-cylinder 1.8 L high-output turbo diesel engine, built to adeptly power you on land or water. Wherever you go, this industry-leading drivetrain is designed to get you through the nastiest, murkiest, most desolate, hostile sludge. Not to mention the tough stuff, too.


When you go where others can’t, you’ll need the capability to turn at a moment’s notice – even in extreme terrain conditions. The HDT™ Automatic e-Steer™ transmission, features a torque sensing design, wide range of operating temperatures, and OD, D, N & R gear selector. So, grab the steering wheel and navigate the world with ease.


Navigating the globe requires power, which we don’t take lightly. The Sasquatch XTX has been fitted with a HD Hyundai three-cylinder 1.8 L high-output turbo diesel engine that provides plenty of go for you and your crew.

Throttle by Wire

No matter if you are trying to hold technical slow maneuvers or going all out, the battery-operated throttle by wire system provides a consistent smooth feeling in the pedal for precision speed control.

Instant Torque Drive System

Our unique ARGO Instant Torque Drive System (ITDS) provides superior low-end torque and allows for smooth acceleration to help power you through the toughest spaces and places.

Instant Torque Clutch

With the Instant Torque Clutch (ITC), you can enjoy smooth, seamless shifting, optimized to provide optimal speed control, and apply all that low-end grunt when you need it.

Steer by Wire

When we say grab the wheel, we mean it. Our drive-by-wire system is powered by a lithium-titanate battery package giving you smooth power steering allowing you to navigate any job site.


Navigate obstacles and maneuver to where you need to go with ease. Take your foot off the pedal and just turn the steering wheel to experience true zero-turn capabilities. Equal power rotates one side of the wheels forward while the other side rotates backwards.

Final Drive Gearcase

When you have a vehicle that can go through the most extreme terrains, you’ll want a way to keep out the elements. Our enclosed final drive gear case keeps out all the unwanted elements allowing for your vehicle to run with minimal maintenance.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Your job is already difficult. Don’t let your machine add to it. The Sasquatch XTX reduces noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) thanks to the ultra-quiet QX4TM Crew Cab and mounting the power pack to four (4) separate isolators.


The all-new ARGO XT328 71” tires are larger than life. These patent-pending tires have been put through countless extreme terrain tests to swim, climb, and perform like no other amphibious off-road vehicle tire. With a unique cupped-to-flat tread pattern, the ARGO XT328 tires provide superior water propulsion, excellent grip for sidehilling, and extreme traction for overcoming Earth’s treacherous terrain.

Tire Inflation System

The ARGO Terrain Control (ATC) tire inflation management system features five-valve independent cold air inflation with an electronic pump, along with programmed one-touch terrain tire pressure preset buttons. Because life must roll on.

Beadlock Rings

Extreme terrain calls for extreme tires. The Sasquatch XTX comes standard with vehicle specific steel beadlock rings for added strength and to secure the XT328 tire bead to the wheel during low-pressure usages.

Wheel Cap

The Sasquatch XTX features deflection enclosure wheel caps to block out debris while increasing buoyancy for those countless water journeys.


The durable Sasquatch XTX FlexBox™ is built to handle heavy gear and equipment with multiple tie-down capabilities and additional sealed storage. Made from durable construction materials, the Flexbox has a sealed bed floor with two drain plugs and boasts 57.5 cubic feet of total storage in-box capacity. To address all your cargo needs, we’ve added the SquatchBoxTM, providing an additional 3.8 cubic feet of sealed storage built into the side of the FlexBox. This is how you take hard work out into the world.


The 64” wide by 48” long FlexBox is wide and long enough to carry all tools needed for the job site. Add in the depth of 41” and you’ll have room to throw in a few lawn chairs to catch some sun on your break.

Side Storage

The SquatchBox™ was designed to keeping those important items secure and safe, but out of the way. Providing an extra 3.8 cubic feet of storage space with a locking, sealed door to keep out the elements.


The lockable side-swinging tailgate gives you easy access to the FlexBox and shuts securely thanks to a strong latching mechanism. No need to worry about your equipment as you traverse that bumpy roller coaster called Planet Earth.

Fold-Down Ladder

Getting to your equipment shouldn’t be an additional job. Access all your gear easily in the back of the FlexBox with the help of a fold-down ladder that secures to the end gate.

Cargo Light

Hard work doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Take advantage of the 2800-lumen LED light located on the cab above the rear window to finish up those late tasks.


Whether you’re leading in a convoy or turning your tail to the jobsite after dusk, the LED taillights provide the people in your rear-view extra visibility to your location. Just remember, if they’re not in a Sasquatch, they can’t follow you everywhere.

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